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Newmark Homes Ltd. is committed to excellence, customer satisfaction, outstanding after-sales service, and the New Home Warranty Protection Guarantee. I am a small volume builder focused on quality not quantity. I spend more time on site during the construction process than larger volume builders to ensure that every detail is right. With more than 20 years in the residential construction industry and a team of reputable and professional trades people at work, you will receive unparalleled service.

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Building Your Newmark Home

We guide you through the process
Building your home consists of a series of fairly logical steps. I do this every day and have for 20 years, so I know how to help you and how to handle complications should they arise.
Lot Selection

You’ve already decided you want a detached, single family home in the beautiful Okanagan. If you buy a lot in B.C. as a separate transaction – without a house – you will save thousands of dollars in Land Transfer Tax (LTT). So there’s my first piece of advice. Buy a lot, get exactly what you want and save.

Let’s turn our attention to the lot itself. It may be that you want a view, or a particular size, or a particular placement along the street. It goes without saying that it will have to fit your overall budget. I can help there too.

House Plan

Next we’ll enter into a contract to build on your chosen lot, keeping in mind that the general type of home should conform to the characteristics of the lot. Did you buy on a hillside or a flat lot? Can it be a two-storey or should it be a bungalow walkout? Something else altogether maybe?

Time now to get to some of the details. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, parking stalls do you want? Formal dining room or more casual eating nook off the kitchen? Laundry room on the main floor or tucked away on the lower level? Will you be finishing your lower level right away? Do you want to make some minor internal wall changes to the plan? The answers to questions like these will direct you to a home plan that “works” for you and your family.

Once your lot and plan is selected, its detailed siting and the exterior treatments must be established and these must be in conformity with your new community’s Building Scheme and Guidelines. The Guidelines will likely require that your siting, your choice of exterior decor and landscaping plans be reviewed and approved by an architectural consultant to ensure that your home blends with your immediate neighbours’ and with the neighbourhood in general.


With everything approved, we will be in a position to estimate for you the cost of building your home, including any modifications you may want to the plan you choose. At our Pre-Construction meeting, we will discuss the allowances, change order and accounting processes that will monitor the cost of your new home and ensure you stay on budget.

But there are still a number of choices you will have to decide on under the various categories of allowances. Things like flooring – generally carpet, tile and hardwood. Cabinetry – for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and maybe entertainment bar. Lighting – both outside and indoor fixtures. We have suppliers to help you with all of your selections.

Your Newmark Home

Now we’re ready to start construction. You will be kept apprised of our progress right up to completion day when we’ll do a walk through together and I’ll explain all of the warranties … and our guarantee of how we will continue to work with you as you begin life in your new home.

Newmark Home Warranty

Protecting you

Protecting Your Investment in a Newmark Home

Consumers who purchase a new home built and sold by Newmark Homes Ltd. obtain the benefits of Travelers Canada New Home Warranty Coverage.  The Homeowner Protection Act & Regulations has, since 1999, required all residential builders to be licensed by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) and to provide the “2/5/10” Warranty from an approved third party warranty provider.

What is “2/5/10” Warranty?

Travelers Canada believes the 2/5/10 Warranty is the most comprehensive third party warranty available in North America. Travelers Insurance Company of Canada and St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Canada are the Canadian licensed insurers known as Travelers Canada. By law, builders must provide a third party warranty covering the following:

2-Year Materials & Labour Warranty

  • First 12 months—coverage for any defect in materials and labour
  • First 15 months—coverage for any defects in materials and labour in the common property of a multi-unit building
  • First 24 months—coverage for any defect in materials and labour supplied for the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning delivery and distribution systems. In addition, coverage for any defect in materials and labour supplied for the exterior cladding, windows and doors that may lead to detachment or material damage to the new home.

5-Year Building Envelope Warranty

10-Year Structural Defects Warranty

Travelers Canada reviews all builder applicants, examining their track records, technical expertise, financial capacity, and after sales customer service. Not everyone qualifies.

Only builders who meet the stringent underwriting criteria, who build quality homes that conform to the Building Code, and who carry out timely after-sales service can offer warranty coverage from Travelers Canada. All new construction is subject to review by either Travelers Canada staff or third parties, and each builder is subject to annual review as a condition of maintaining their registration.

Home Warranty approved builders are responsible for having new home buyers sign and date a Warranty Commencement Date Certificate at the time of either title transfer or the actual occupancy of the home (whichever is earlier). Upon receipt of this certificate from the builder,  St. Paul’s issues the owner a Home Warranty Coverage Certificate. It explains warranty coverage and the process for reporting defects in your home or common property.

New Owners should read this document carefully and keep it in a safe place.

With questions or for clarification, contact:

Travelers Canada (Vancouver office)
650 West Georgia Street,
Suite 2500
P.O. Box 11542,
Vancouver, BC   V6B 4N7


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